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Clare waxing


Sugar + Stone is your trusted therapist for your healthiest skin. It’s simple: we find your unique skin needs and apply long-term solutions using high-performance botanical products. Come to us for world-class treatments with that familiar Clare Valley feeling you know and love.


Let’s go back to the essentials. We’re good at that in Clare Valley - good food, good friends, good times. And now, GOOD SKIN.


With a name inspired by ancient beauty tools, Sugar + Stone first operated where great ideas are born: a garage. It then grew the best way businesses do: word-of-mouth. One year later, Sugar + Stone moved to Clare Valley’s Main Street where the little shop still stands.

It* must be doing something good, right?


Is it the relaxing facials and body wraps? Or the super-tailored treatments using advanced plant-based products for all kinds of skin? We think it’s the latter. Because most importantly, Sugar + Stone is about long-term RESULTS. The kind that takes the highest level of ongoing skin therapy training. The kind where you’re still cared about after you’ve paid the bill. And that’s relaxing. 


Your long-awaited D&M with your skin is here. Book your free 30-minute ‘Sugar + Stone Skin Consultation’ with your first treatment. 

*It is Anita Scott. And to know Sugar + Stone, you’ve got to know Anita.



Anita Scott is a science-driven skin therapist. With over 14 years’ experience, Anita has helped hundreds of people with all kinds of skin to look and feel beautiful. She loves seeing people truly illuminate from within. Even more, when they say they don’t need to wear foundation anymore. Who wouldn’t love more time to… have a glass of wine?


Passionate, caring, down-to-earth — this is how clients describe her. Or, as one Google review puts it: “Anita knows her stuff”. That’s many thanks to the ongoing professional training to be at the forefront of the very complex world of skin. Yup, going away three times a year, just for that. To then bring all of it to the wonderful community of Clare, of course.


Credentials: Diploma in Beauty Therapy, DMK Trained Skin Therapist, Being A Woman/Mother/Businessowner 



Two words: targeted solutions. This means that rather than treating the symptoms, we treat the cause. Because everyone’s skin is different. (Really different.)


At Sugar + Stone, we first take the time to essentially ask your skin the 5Ws. We know your skin, we find the root of the cause and we change the way it’s functioning. That last part is achieved with Enzyme Therapy. Together, we’ll work towards firmer, tighter, healthier-looking skin using high-performance botanical products. 


What your skin naturally does, we try to imitate it. We work with your skin, and give you exactly what you need, not what’s good for her, her, and that other celebrity. We also tailor treatment programs and provide Home Prescriptions. Think of it as a skin gym. See, we told you we’re in it for the long run.


Lastly, everything we do is through expert consultation. Dry, oily, acne, blotchy, wrinkles, redness, blackheads, open pores, sun damage. Whatever your skin is going through, first breathe. It’s all OK. Sugar + Stone has seen it all, and we can help. 



With expert hands, Sugar + Stone uses Dannè Montague-King® products. Anita found DMK as a client, the saviour of her bad affair with breakouts after trying dozens of others. Because it’s the only thing that keeps giving her results—like the confidence to go out and have fun while make-up free— Anita knew she’d only work with DMK if a business was born. So folks, here we are today. 


DMK uses mostly botanical ingredients to work with your skin’s natural biochemistry. It has 80-90% active ingredients (the good stuff), which can be

3x more than the amount in other products. Because of its delicate, potent recipe, DMK is only accessed through certified professionals like Anita.

At Sugar + Stone, you can have the chance to buy their exclusive products with a Home Prescription.


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